Putting the booming sector of children’s STEM education franchises under the microscope

Close up on different STEM equipment from computer master boards to science beacons filled with colourful liquids to represent this blog about the best children's STEM education franchise businesses for sale in the UK

With the market for children’s STEM education growing rapidly, STEM education franchises are a booming sector right now!

A young boy and girl work at a table filled with LEGO as they build their own creations to represent this blog about the best children's STEM education franchise businesses for sale in the UK

Without a doubt, parents recognise that STEM classes will help prepare their children for a future in a world that is increasingly technology-driven.
But their growing reputation of being a fun and creative way to help develop vital early years skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovation, also plays a big role in their popularity.

If this is something that’s sparking your interest, but you’re not entirely sure what the different types of STEM education franchises involve, this blog puts this exciting world under the microscope.

Science, technology, engineering, or maths – which STEM education franchise is for you?

By their very definition, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) franchises cover a range of subjects, and so appeal to a variety of people.

Science franchises

Think white lab coats, bangs, smoke, and slime – all in front of an audience!

If you’re outgoing, have the confidence to present exciting science experiments in front of a crowd, and generally delight in putting the fun into science, then a science franchise could be for you.

You might be running sessions in schools and nurseries, workshops, parties, events, and camps – and no 2 days will ever be the same!

A young girl works in a science lab wearing a white lab coat and with safety goggles at the ready as she look at a bubbling green liquid on the work bench in front of her to represent this blog about the best children's STEM education franchise businesses for sale in the UK

Technology franchises

Technology franchises cover a range of activities, from coding lessons to game design. Depending on which franchise you choose, sessions might take place at community venues or your own fixed premises.

If you’re looking to inspire the next generation, but would prefer to run an activity that’s typically quieter and more contained than some of the other options, then you might find a technology franchise a good choice.

Engineering franchises

What would you say if we told you that you can build a successful business from the stuff childhood dreams are made of?

Because the world of engineering franchises is all about creating an inventive and inspiring environment from using LEGO to building robots!

Whether you run weekly clubs, parties, workshops, camps, sessions at Scout and Guide groups (or even for adults), you’ll need to be super-organised and comfortable delivering sessions in front of large groups.

Maths franchisesA young girl looks at a colourful abacus as two young boys work together in the background at a maths class to represent this blog about the best children's STEM education franchise businesses for sale in the UK

Maths franchises are suited to people who simply love numbers and want to share that passion with children in a fun way.

You could be running small preschool classes or delivering sessions for older children in school assemblies – and everything in-between.

And from helping little ones learn how to tell the time or to begin to understand money, to presenting basic mathematical concepts – or even offering exam tuition – there’s a range of maths franchises to choose from depending on what you enjoy.

“Do I need a background in STEM to be a franchisee?”

If you’re running classes and sessions for children, the answer to that question is generally “no” (though if you’re offering tutor services, then there’ll be some minimum educational requirements).

Like other sectors in the children’s franchise space, because part of what you’re buying when you buy a franchise is full training in how to deliver your chosen programme, among the things STEM franchisors are looking for are people who:

  • Want to inspire others
  • Enjoy working with children
  • Have a passion for early years development
  • Are comfortable dealing with a range of people
  • Have good organisation skills
  • Want to build a successful business

A young boy looks through a microscope to represent this blog about the best children's STEM education franchise businesses for sale in the UK

STEM franchisees come from all walks of life: you may be a primary or secondary school teacher looking to leave the classroom, a mum coming to the end of your maternity leave, a dad looking to spend quality time with your family so looking for a more flexible career, or someone who wants to put your business or marketing background to good use building your own business.  

Find your ideal STEM education franchise!

Now you’ve got a better idea of what each type of franchise involves, have a look at the businesses on our website – your ideal STEM education franchise might just be a click away!

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