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Find out more about a rewarding career as part of this children’s gymnastics franchise with recurring revenue. They currently have an amazing offer including Β£5,400 worth of free equipment! Could you be their next franchisee? If you are passionate, driven and looking for an exciting new career then First Gymnastics could be your ideal next step.

Franchisee Case Study

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Start Date: JANUARY 2024

Read Chloe’s story and how she came to buy a sports franchise with First Gymnastics. Here she shares her top tips and insights about franchising and her own experiences of navigating the legal side of things, securing finance and making the final decision to go for it.

I have always worked with children and had gained experience in marketing in a previous corporate role. I’ve wanted to be my own boss for ages, but didn’t really know about how to go about setting up my own business. My father in law had some experience in franchising and had suggested it could be a path worth exploring. So I explored!

I was made aware of First Gymnastics by a friend of my sister whose daughter attended their classes in Chester. They were well establishedΒ in the North West and were looking to grow a franchise network. I always loved gymnastics as a child, and it seemed like it could be a good fit.
It wasn’t a quick decision, and it’s important to take your time. Ruth and her team were brilliant. Friendly, but professional.
Once I had been through the financials and visited the classes I was taken through the support and training package. It was thorough and didn’t feel like I would be doing this on my own, which was important.
It was probably when I spent a week attending First Gymnastics classes in the North West – both observing and then helping out. The classes were busy, but more than anything the children seemed so happy and engaged. I got a real buzz seeing so many smiling faces!
Within three weeks of launching our first set of classes we were full. I knew at that point I had made the right decision and we are already expanding into our second venue. I’m now managing a business with a team of coaches and a growing base of customers.

The investment was just under Β£10,000 so lower than many other franchises out there. I was lucky as I had some savings and was also helped out by my family.

You need to understand the legal side of things. Get professional advice! Share the franchise agreement with a solicitor. I also spoke with an accountant to go through the commercial model of the business, which was really helpful.

Do your due diligence. If it’s a class based franchise, go and check out the classes. Speak to the customers, and understand the brand away from the spreadsheet. First Gymnastics felt right for me and it’s been the best decision I’ve made.

Save First Gymnastics to your favourites list

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