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Find out more about this multi-award winning early learning programme for babies from birth to 13 months.

If you’re interested in making a difference in your local community whilst building a flexible and rewarding opportunity for yourself then look no further than a Baby Sensory franchise business.

Franchisee Case Study

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Start Date: MARCH 2021

Meet Kate who first discovered Baby Sensory as a mum attending classes with her little one. When a class leader vacancy came up she stepped into the role and eventually went on to buy the franchise. Here she shares her top tips and insights about the world of franchising.

I started Baby Sensory classes as a mum in January 2017. I loved everything about it. I was previously a teaching assistant and had worked various roles within Primary and Secondary education. When it was time for me to go back to work in September 2017 I was unable to attend part time. I didn’t want to work five days a week for minimal wage and outlay a large amount of money for childcare so I knew I had to look for a new opportunity.

At the time the previous owner of Baby Sensory North Cornwall was looking for a class leader. I applied and was successful at interview and started teaching in November 2017, covering one day of classes to begin with and eventually running three days a week. In January 2021 the previous North Cornwall franchise no longer wanted to run the business and rang me to ask if I wanted to take it over. I jumped at the chance and once purchasing and completing my business training the franchise became mine in March 2021.

I was a class leader for 4 years prior to becoming the franchisee, this gave me an insight into how the business ran and how it could be successful. I was also the sole practitioner for a while so I knew all the families and built a good rapport with them all. My previous boss knew the business would be in safe hands if I took it over and I was also able to speak to the previous franchisee who answered any questions and the transition from class leader to business owner was very smooth. At the time of sale we were also in lockdown from Covid, I knew there would be high demand for babies classes from many new parents/carers once we returned to β€˜normal.’

I had already been working as the class leader for the North Cornwall territory. I also live in Cornwall and know the territory area well.

In order to purchase the business my husband and I had to take out a personal load, this was to buy the territory, the business rights and all the kit from the previous franchisee. The loan was easily applied for and the money was in our account within a week, I was making repayments monthly but managed to pay the whole loan off within the first two years. I was apprehensive about taking out a loan but once the business is up and running and customers are coming to class ten fold the loan repayment is a drop in the ocean.

The contract was quite a hefty read with a few areas that I felt could be ambiguous. After showing the previous account books to an accountant and getting advice form a HR Manager I felt confident I knew what I was signing up to and what my obligations were. I still would refer to my contract from time to time and have re- read it time and time again. I recommend seeking advice professionally if you are unsure about certain clauses within your new contract.

Do it, undoubtedly the best decision I ever made. It has given me opportunities to grown and learn so much about myself. It has given me the opportunity to still be around in full capacity to my two young daughters.

Financially I am in the best position I have ever been in. The support and ongoing professional development from head office and my franchisor has enabled me to come up with new ideas and the best and most effective ways to run my business successfully.

Being my own boss allows me to work in the way that I want to and to organise and run my business in the best way I can. I don’t ever feel stressed in my role, I get excited by the variety of tasks that I have to complete and strive to reach goals that reflect how much people love coming to my classes. When someone says to me do you still see yourself doing this in years to come… hand on heart my answer is YES!


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Baby Sensory is part of the WOW World Group – the umbrella group for multiple popular franchises including Toddler Sense, Reading Fairy, Mini Professors and Keep-A-Beat.

If you are looking for a business that enables you to meet your own aspirations and gives you that ‘jump out of bed’ feeling every day because you can make a difference to families in your local area then a franchise with the WOW World Group will be perfect for you.

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