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Make a difference in your local community offering award-winning children’s music and movement classes. Running a music education franchise is a fun and rewarding experience that puts you firmly in control of your career. You will be your own boss but never on your own – enjoying expert guidance every step of the way, a comprehensive franchise package and a supportive team to be part of.

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Start Date: JUNE 2017

Emma is a former primary school teacher who was looking for a more flexible career to fit around family life. Read her top tips and insights about buying a music education franchise with Boogie Beats Music & Movement. Find out the steps she took before making a final decision and the advice she has for anyone thinking of buying a franchise.

Franchising found me, if I am honest! I was at a stage in my life where I was trying to decide where to go next! I had two young children and before becoming a Mum was a Primary School Teacher. I knew I didn’t want to go back to teaching but I definitely wanted to work with young children. I had been looking out for local jobs for a few months but finding something that was flexible around my role as a Mum, as well as providing the income I needed, was like searching for gold dust. Then one day, I saw a friend selling her franchise – Boogie Beat! It was like it was meant to be. I had attended Boogie Beat classes with my eldest daughter, so knew what they involved and how much fun it was. Before I knew it, I had arranged a meeting with the current owner, and the rest is history!

After meeting in person with the current owner, I then had a zoom meeting with Head Office. I asked them about what was expected of me, as I was nervous about running a business around two small children, but they made me feel comfortable that it was my business to work as many or as little hours as I wanted. We got on well, and I ended the zoom feeling very positive and excited…but with lots of ‘what ifs’ running through my head. I ended up discussing the franchise in great depth with my husband and my family, as well as writing a list of pros and cons! I am pleased that I decided to go for it, and I haven’t looked back since.

I knew Boogie Beat was for me because of its tagline – fun, active and lively! Working with children should be all of these things and I am passionate about encouraging our children to be active and stay healthy, as this an important part of my life.

I had just come off maternity leave when I bought my franchise (my baby was 9 months old!), so I didn’t have the funds to buy it outright straight away. I decided to take a personal bank loan, and I used that to fund the purchase of my franchise.Β  Due to the success of the business, I managed to pay the loan off within two years, rather than the three-year term it originally was.

I found the contract mind boggling to be very honest, contracts are not really my strong point! However, I just made sure I read everything through very carefully, highlighted anything I was unsure of, and asked the Franchisors about those elements before I signed it. I also asked a family member who works in finance just to read it through as an extra pair of eyes. A contract contains a lot of legal jargon and can sometimes seem very complicated, but in essence it is there to protect both yourself and your Franchisor, and so it is important to read it carefully to understand what you’re signing.

Becoming a Boogie Beat Franchisee is one of my best career decisions! I love being in charge of my own work, my schedule and having the ability to find a great income around being a Mummy. I am not sure I could ever go back to being employed now! I genuinely love everything about my job – the flexibility, the choice, the children and adults I meet and the super fun classes I get to delivery every day of my working life. Nothing beats it!

Save Booge Beat Music & Movement to your favourites list

Boogie Beat Music & Movement

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