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Discover LearnyKids and spark joy in the world of personalised learning adventures with this education distributor franchise. Join their supportive network in revolutionising childhood education while creating a rewarding home-based business opportunity. Embark on a journey of entrepreneurial success and start shaping young minds and your future today!

Franchisee Case Study

Cartoon animation of Aurelia who joined LearnyKids and became part of their education distributor franchise


Territory: BATH

Start Date: APRIL 2022

Meet Aurelia, whose journey to franchising with LearnyKids was motivated by a desire for greater flexibility and a better work life balance. Discovering LearnyKids online sparked her interest and the low-start up costs together with the option to begin part-time sealed the deal. Aurelia hasn’t looked back since!

My journey to franchising with LearnyKids was fueled by years of experience and an enduring dream of entrepreneurship. Having spent 24 years climbing the ladder in a major transport and logistics firm – wearing hats from customer manager to financial controller – I found myself craving more. Despite a successful career, I felt my motivation waning.

In my heart, I always wanted to carve my own path, especially with three kids to care for. But fear kept me in check. The fear of diving into the unknown, of stumbling, of it just not feeling like the “right time.”

Then came the moment of clarity. I yearned for more autonomy and a better work-life balance. Fate intervened when I stumbled upon LearnyKids online – a true coup de cΕ“ur.

Engaging with the LearnyKids team dispelled any doubts that I had. Their approach, support, and the flexibility of the franchise model resonated deeply with me. The idea of running a business from home, on my terms, was liberating. Plus, the low startup cost and possiblity of a quick ROI made it all the more enticing – a risk-free and exhilarating opportunity.

I decided to take on the new challenge alongside my current job, joining LearnyKids. This decision marked the beginning of a fresh chapter in my career, one characterized by enthusiasm, independence, and the potential for achievement. This additional commitment eventually led me to transition to part-time work, granting me greater flexibility and allowing me to spend more time with my children.

I’m thrilled that I made this decision!

Recognising the right franchise opportunity for me was a combination of instinct, alignment with personal values, and practical considerations. Upon discovering LearnyKids, I was immediately drawn to their products, which I genuinely loved. Furthermore, I was deeply impressed by the team behind the brand and their commitment to values that resonated with my own.

For quite some time, I had been on the lookout for a business idea that would allow me to venture into entrepreneurship. When I stumbled upon the LearnyKids offer, it was as if I had found the missing piece of the puzzle. The concept resonated with me on a profound level, and I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of.

The low startup cost and the flexibility to develop the business from home, at my own pace, were significant factors in my decision-making process. It felt like a low-risk opportunity where I could leverage my personal network to generate immediate benefits. This level of autonomy and potential for quick returns made the opportunity even more appealing.

Choosing LearnyKids was a no-brainer for me. It offered the perfect balance of independent management of my business along with invaluable support, shared experiences, and access to the extensive know-how of the entire network. Knowing that I wouldn’t be undertaking this journey alone significantly bolstered my confidence and enhanced my chances of success. In essence, it was the collaborative dimension of the franchise model that truly convinced me of its suitability for my entrepreneurial aspirations.

Securing finance was surprisingly straightforward for me. Opting for the Gold Pack option offered by LearnyKids, I found myself in a fortunate position where I didn’t need to seek external funding or take out a loan. The flexibility of being able to pay in several installments with no extra cost (such as paying for an office space) made it even more accessible and manageable for me. This approach eliminated any financial barriers and allowed me to dive into the franchise opportunity with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that I had made a sound investment in my future.

When it comes to navigating the legal side of things, my top tip is to listen to advice, take it all in, and then make your own decision. Like in all aspects of life, there will be those who encourage you and others who may discourage you.

I found that dealing with the legal aspects of LearnyKids was much simpler compared to other projects I explored, such as starting a daycare or other child-centered activities where regulations can be complex and constantly changing. That’s one of the aspects I really appreciated about LearnyKids – it was straightforward and transparent, which made the process much easier to manage

If you’re thinking about joining a franchise, my advice is simple: talk to the franchise, do your homework, and trust your gut. Chat with current franchisees to get a real feel for the business. And most importantly, listen to your instincts – if it feels right, go for it!

Franchisor Interview

Cartoon animation of Catherine who founded the LearnyKids education distributor franchise business



Meet Catherine Walker, the founder of LearnyKids. Motivated by her daughter’s learning challenges, she developed a range of personalised children stories to help children learn while having fun. Through a unique concept that allows entrepreneurs to personalise, print, and sell high-quality award-winning children’s stories, she’s provided a pathway for anyone with motivation and drive to work at their own pace while growing their business.

I started LearnyKids back in 2010 after the birth of my daughter. It was a pivotal moment for me as she was diagnosed with a genetic condition impacting her learning abilities. This propelled me on a quest to find effective learning methods tailored to her needs. Through experimentation, I discovered that personalised stories incorporating her name and familiar surroundings captured her attention and facilitated her learning process remarkably well. Drawing upon my background in international technology, I was inspired to create a platform that would make this personalised learning experience accessible to children worldwide. Thus, LearnyKids was born, with a mission to make learning engaging, personalised, and effective for every child.

LearnyKids has experienced remarkable growth, both in terms of reach and offerings. From humble beginnings, we have expanded our product lines to encompass a diverse range of educational materials, including personalised stories, music, cartoons educative kits, elearning Academy, and more.

Our network of distributors has grown to approximately 150 worldwide, with active recruitment efforts ongoing. We’ve also made significant strides in international expansion, with a focus on penetrating markets in Europe, the Middle East, and beyond. Our recent introduction of opportunities for Master Distributors further underscores our commitment to global expansion and innovation within the educational sector.

At LearnyKids, we value diversity and passion for children’s education above all else. Ideal franchisees are individuals who share our commitment to making learning fun and accessible for children worldwide. We welcome candidates from all walks of life and demographics, provided they possess excellent interpersonal skills and a genuine enthusiasm for the entrepreneurial journey.

Our franchise model is designed to be flexible, with personalised packages tailored to accommodate varying needs and budgets. We believe in fostering a dynamic and inclusive ecosystem within our network, where each franchisee can thrive and contribute to our collective mission.

At LearnyKids, we understand that financial flexibility is crucial for aspiring entrepreneurs. That’s why we offer a range of investment options tailored to suit individual budgets and ambitions.

Our initial investment starts from as low as Β£2,000 and can go up to Β£10,000 and more for region & country exclusivity, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of candidates.

Additionally, we provide a monthly subscription fee of Β£19.90, which covers access to our platform and ongoing support services.

What sets us apart is our commitment to transparency and flexibility; there are no hidden fees or royalties in our brand licensing model. Moreover, we don’t require additional working capital, further alleviating financial pressure on our franchisees.

Payment plans can also be arranged to accommodate varying financial circumstances, allowing franchisees to spread their investment over several months if needed.

With LearnyKids, our partners can focus on building their businesses with confidence, knowing that we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance every step of the way. Our goal is to create a nurturing environment where franchisees can thrive financially and professionally, realising their entrepreneurial aspirations without unnecessary financial or administrative burdens.

Our franchise opportunity is highly flexible and customizable to suit the individual needs and aspirations of each candidate. But it is not just about financial flexibility; it also offers unparalleled freedom in how and where you work. With LearnyKids, franchisees have the autonomy to operate their businesses from anywhere, at any time. Whether you prefer to work from the comfort of your own home, a cozy shop, or even while traveling, our platform enables total flexibility in organizing your work schedule. Moreover, our training programs are as flexible as they come. We understand that each franchisee has unique needs and interests, which is why our training is tailored to accommodate individual skill levels and preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or new to the industry, our comprehensive training resources will empower you to develop the necessary skills to thrive in your venture.

With LearnyKids, you have the freedom to shape your business according to your vision and lifestyle, all while benefiting from our collective expertise and network.

We provide extensive training and support throughout every stage of the franchise journey, ensuring that franchisees are equipped with the tools and resources needed to succeed.

Our training programs encompass a range of topics, including product knowledge, sales techniques, marketing strategies, and operational procedures.

Franchisees have access to our online training platform, which offers a wealth of resources and interactive modules to facilitate learning.

Additionally, we offer ongoing support through personalized coaching sessions, regular webinars, and a dedicated support team.

Our goal is to create a supportive and collaborative environment where franchisees can thrive and achieve their entrepreneurial goals with confidence.

Franchise Video

LearnyKids WorldWide

Photograph of a young girl reading a book and inspired by the LearnyKids education distributor franchise business

LearnyKids are is in the business of changing lives. This is an easy, fun, and profitable opportunity.

The powerful combination of personalised children’s multimedia products, all wrapped up in a flexible business that can be worked full time or part-time as a home-based business, makes it as an outstanding business opportunity.

LearnyKids offers more than just an opportunity; it’s an invitation to dream big and achieve even greater ambitions!

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