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Start your own messy play franchise business with full support from the expert team at Little Learners. Offer the award-winning Little Learners mark making classes, designed by a qualified teacher, to young children in your local community. This fun and flexible franchise opportunity is an ideal option for those seeking a better work life balance and a business that enables you to put your family first.

Franchisee Case Study

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Start Date: 2018

Former primary school teacher Kate was seeking a career beyond the classroom when she came across the Little Learners franchise opportunity. Keen to continue working with children, this educational messy play franchise was the perfect fit. Here she shares her top tips and insights about buying a children’s franchise. Read her story and the steps she took before making the final decision.

I was a primary school teacher and was looking for a long time for an alternative, less stressful career whilst still working with children, that would fit around my family. I was always Googling ‘alternative careers for teachers’ and Little Learners popped up in a Netmums chat. I was immediately intrigued, so I looked through the website.

I made the final decision after talking to Rachel on the phone about Little Learners. She was so passionate about it and I loved the educational side to the franchise. I also observed a current franchisee nearest to where I lived and could immediately imagine myself running classes.

To be honest, I only looked at one other franchise. I knew once I’d found Little Learners that this was the one for me. It was right up my street with the whole mark making focus. I was working in a SEN setting and had got very involved with delivering the OT programmes for children, so the whole early writing focus was a big pull. I also loved the focus on fun and learning through play.

I borrowed some money from my lovely mother in law (she could see that it was the right path) and the rest went on an interest free credit card which I paid off over the first 2 years.

It was quite overwhelming at first. The contract was very long and full of legal jargon! I asked a few friends and family members to read it through for me. I also questioned anything I was unsure of and asked for clarification.

Β You have to really believe in the franchise to make it work. Although it’s not my creation, I love every part of the Little Learners programme and can see the benefits to children and their parents first hand. I love running my classes and am passionate about their worth. I have been told by parents that this shines through whilst I am running the classes, which I guess makes them successful .
The other bonus of franchising is that you have the support and guidance from the franchisor as well as from your fellow franchisees. As a teacher, I had never run a business, kept accounts or tried to sell and advertise a brand so it was a huge learning curve for me. The initial support and training was invaluable.


Save Little Learners to your favourites list

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