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The Little Sensory Co. is an award-winning company with a wide range of popular brands to choose from including Little Glow, Little Mess, Little Yoga, Little Massage and Little Nature. Build the business of your dreams with full support from the expert team and enjoy a flexible and family friendly career. Make a difference to families in your local community running invaluable sessions for parents/carers and their little ones.

Franchisee Case Study

Photograph of Phillipa who purchased a sensory franchise with The Little Sensory Co.



Start Date: NOVEMBER 2019

Meet Phillipa who joined the team at The Little Sensory Co. after being on maternity leave with her second child. Determined to create a better life balance, Phillipa took the leap and has never looked back since! Here she shares her top tips and insights about the world of franchising and buying a sensory franchise.

I’ve worked as a Marketing Manager within higher education for a number of years. I went back full-time after having my first child, and felt like I never saw her when I’d finished work. When I was on maternity leave with my second child, I knew I did not want to do the same again as I felt like I’d missed out on a lot of quality time with my eldest. So I decided to do something completely different! I knew I wanted to spend time with my children, watch them grow and do the school runs, without the difficulty of fitting them in with work or the ridiculous cost of childcare. I saw an advert for buying into a franchise with The Little Sensory Co and the rest is history!

I had a look at the prospectus and had a few phone conversations with the Director of the franchise. I was amazed to find out that she lived in the same village as me – small world! – so we managed to catch-up in person too. I also went along to one of the classes that I would be delivering to see what it was like.

I didn’t look into many other franchise options. I liked the sound of Little Glow and could see myself running these classes. I also found that The Little Sensory Co was very reasonably priced in terms of the franchise price structure compared to other franchises. I couldn’t believe the cost of some of them! But The Little Sensory Co is very affordable for an individual wanting to start a business and make a decent living.

I also liked the feel of the franchise; the other franchisees were all very friendly and keen to help each other which made a big difference. In addition, the Director is so approachable and I genuinely feel like I’ve made a real friend rather than feeling like she’s just ‘my boss’. She answered all of my questions that I had and it just felt like the right decision for me.

I was in the fortunate position to have private funds to purchase my franchise. However, had this not been the case I would have looked into finance to raise funds for this opportunity.

I’m actually very fortunate that I have a Law degree and my previous experience in marketing has meant that I’m quite good with wordy documents. I asked my husband to have a look through with me and we asked any questions to the company Director.

To anyone looking to join a franchise, I would say that it is always worthwhile getting someone else to read through any contracts with you, and discuss any questions or queries with them (and/or the company Director). Alternatively, get some legal advice before signing anything to ensure you fully understand what you are getting into.

I would definitely recommend buying into a franchise. For me, it’s meant that I can work the hours that I want to, spend quality time with my family that I didn’t get when I was an employee, and get paid for talking to parents about their beautiful babies! What’s not to love?!


Save The Little Sensory Co. to your favourites list

The Little Sensory Co.

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