Thinking of leaving teaching? Here’s 7 reasons a children’s franchise could be your perfect next move!

Leaving Teaching

So you’re thinking of leaving teaching.

You love helping children learn and grow.

You love that “light bulb” moment when a child finally understands a difficult concept or learns a new skill.

You love getting to know your students’ strengths and weaknesses, and helping them to succeed.

You love finding new and innovative ways to teach.

You love the fact that what you do is making a difference in children’s lives.

But you’ve reached a point now where you’ve somehow fallen out of love with being a teacher in a classroom setting, so you’re thinking of leaving teaching altogether.

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You feel overworked and burnt out.

Those long hours, both in and out of the classroom, are starting to take their toll on your mental health.

You feel underpaid, undervalued, and unsupported.

When you first went into teaching, you thought you were building a career that would fit around your family – but the reality is that your own children are constantly coming bottom of the pile due to the mounting pressures in the classroom.

Not to mention the constant worry of getting a call from Ofsted.

Sound familiar?

What if we told you that those years of teaching experience make you the ideal person to run your own children’s franchise?

Leaving teaching blog image 1Lots of franchisees in the children’s sector come from a teaching background, and a number of franchisors we work with say teachers, or ex-teachers, make great franchisees.

That’s because while they can give you all the skills you need to deliver their classes, and train you in everything you need to know from an operations perspective, the beauty of being a teacher is that you already have lots of attributes that are needed to run a successful children’s franchise.

Here’s 7 reasons teachers make good franchisees in the children’s sector

1 – You’ve an in-built passion for working with children 

This isn’t something that can be taught. You either have it or you don’t, and it’s the number 1 ingredient for any successful franchisee in the children’s sector.

2 – You’ve already got strong communication and interpersonal skills

You’ll be using these skills every day if you’re a franchisee because you’ll be regularly interacting with a range of people, including customers, employees, and other franchisees.

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3 – You’re used to juggling multiple tasks and meeting deadlines 

This will help you manage your business and ensure things run smoothly.

4 – You’re creative and innovative

You’re also highly skilled at adapting your teaching methods to cater to the children you teach. You will need to be able to modify your franchise business as the needs of the market and your customers evolve, so these are essential qualities to have as a franchisee.

5 – You’re patient and understanding

You’ve developed these skills through working with children of all ages and abilities, which means you’re intuitively able to create a supportive and inclusive environment for all children.

6 – You’re committed to excellence

You’re dedicated to providing your students with the best possible education – and it’s this commitment to excellence that’s behind all successful franchisees.

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7 – You’ve a strong work ethic

This is invaluable – because as a franchisee, you are the owner of your own business, and you are responsible for its success. If you have a strong work ethic, you’re more likely to achieve your business goals and be successful.

So if you’re thinking about leaving teaching, why not think about buying a children’s franchise?

That way, you get to keep all the things about teaching you love – without the stress and impossible workload of life in the classroom.

And with your skills and experience, you could soon be the owner of your own business and a very successful franchisee!


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