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Find out more about this unique children’s wellbeing and mindfulness franchise business and the big impact it’s making.

Meet the people behind the brand and discover what qualities they are looking for from their next franchisee. Could it be you? 

Franchisee Case Study

Photograph of Susan who joined mindfulness franchise Mind Marvels


Territory: CAMPSIE

Start Date: SEPTEMBER 2023

Social media marketer Susan was so inspired by the Mind Marvels ethos and potential that she joined the company. Here she shares her top tips and insights about making the decision to buy a mindfulness franchise with Mind Marvels.

I already had my own business working in social media marketing, supporting children’s businesses to achieve their goals. My journey to franchising with Mind Marvels was inspired by the growing impact I saw them making on children’s lives and the passion I have for this myself. The franchise let me channel my expertise into a cause that I really care about. My experience in marketing and business played a huge role in understanding the potential reach and impact Mind Marvels could achieve, making it a seamless fit for my background and future ambitions.

I talked to Karen, Founder and Director of Mind Marvels, about my interest in joining the franchise and we quickly agreed that my passions and experience as a parent and business owner would be a great fit for the franchise. I am looking to grow my franchise by building a team and it seemed the perfect opportunity.

It was a natural progression as I saw Mind Marvels growing on social media and how much of an impact it was having on children’s wellbeing. I am very driven and passionate about children’s wellbeing so it became obvious to me that franchising with Mind Marvels was the next step for me. For me, I want to impact as many children’s lives as possible and Mind Marvels offers the growth to do this.

I already had the funds saved. It seemed a logical solution to help build a business that could expand across multi-territories, without me necessarily working directly in the business.

Take your time reading over the legal documents and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Do your own research – follow what the franchise and existing franchisees are up to on social media. Talk to the franchisor and franchisee about the services they provide and their own experiences such as day-to-day life within the franchise to see if it is something that aligns with the kind of business and lifestyle you would like to have for yourself.

Franchisor Interview

Photograph of Karen the franchisor of award-winning mindfulness franchise Mind Marvels



Meet Karen the Franchisor of Mind Marvels and find out how she started the company after her own first-hand experiences as a teacher. Discover what qualities make an ideal franchisee for Mind Marvels and learn more about how the team are on a mission to help children across the UK.

Mind Marvels started in 2018 following my time working as a teacher during which I recognised that pupils frequently struggle with emotions and that this can greatly impact on their learning.

I started developing techniques to support children’s wellbeing and practised them in the classroom where I could monitor the results. I found that there were great benefits when the pupils were taught practical ways to support their own emotional wellbeing.

At Mind Marvels, we live and breathe wellbeing, and being genuinely passionate about empowering children is a non-negotiable trait that we look for in any potential franchisee.

We actively encourage franchisees to bring new ideas to the table, and to grow and scale your business.

We’re committed to our goal to impact as many children as possible, and when you join, you also join that mission. And the more of us there are, the more children we can help.

Here’s the best part: franchisees choose projects for Mind Marvels to give back to in the community. We are the first franchise to partner with B1G1 to create global impacts across the world!

As Mind Marvels grew, I wanted to franchise so that the benefits of Mind Marvels could reach more children and to do this I needed more people on board in other areas of the country.

We now have a small, passionate team of franchisees on board delivering this vital work in primary schools, nurseries and in the community UK wide.

We are now so excited to see that ripple effect already reaching thousands of children weekly!

Running a business is hard! Having experience of running your own business before or being in a managerial position can help you progress quicker.

Here’s how to check if you’re the right type of leader for the Mind Marvels team…

  • Your big dream is to impact as many children as possible (and you know you need to build a team to make it happen)
  • You’re realistic and understand the hard work and dedication that goes into running a business
  • You’re resilient when things don’t go to an ideal plan and know the importance of persevering and still showing up
  • You’re genuinely committed to your own self-development and wellness journey (growth mindset is nothing new to you)

Our initial start-up investment is £9995 plus VAT. If franchisees cannot make the start-up fee in one go, we do have business loan options that can be discussed. On-going franchise fees are 11.5% of income and 1% marketing levy per month (all plus VAT).

Earning potential can vary but initially, franchisees are expected to earn at least £25,000 in the first year. This can increase to over £50,000 in the second year and over £75,000 by year three depending on franchisees’ growth. The sky really is the limit!

This should be franchisees’ main commitment – at least four days a week dedicated to their franchise. We are looking for people who want to build their business by growing teams and eventually, having multi-territories.

No dream is too big with Mind Marvels – this takes resilience and perseverance, but when you see children thriving because of your incredible work – it’s so worth it!

We offer a variety of training which takes place both in person and online.

Franchisees undertake business training to help them understand the business’ processes, policies and procedures.

They take part in physical training by delivering their own wellbeing session at training. Franchisees also have mandatory training to complete such as first aid training.

There are online modules to work through, like how to sell to schools to really accelerate your business! We also practise what we preach by offering franchisees mental health first aid training too.

Mind Marvels have an annual conference for franchisees to train and network together as well as our Facebook group where franchisees can connect and support each other continuously.

The Head Office Team has frequent goal setting sessions and training with franchisees to ensure we are all on the right path to helping more children.

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