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Explore outdoor franchise opportunities with Nature Makers where art and nature combine together in perfect harmony. If you have a passion for the planet and love the great outdoors then Nature Makers could be the ideal franchise for you.

Franchisee Case Study

Photograph of Katherine who joined outdoor franchise Nature Makers


Territory: NORTH OF TYNE

Start Date: JULY 2022

Katherine was working as a Geography Teacher before taking the leap to joining the team at Nature Makers. Read her top tips and insights into how and why she made the decision to purchase an outdoors franchise business with Nature Makers.

I worked as a geography teacher in London for 13 years in various roles, including Head of Department and Lead Practitioner for Geography in a multi academy trust. I loved teaching in so many ways, but once my son was born I found it increasingly difficult to have a work-family life balance. 

I was becoming frustrated with some aspects of teaching and felt that the focus on exams and attainment robbed a lot of the fun out of learning. I tried hard to make sure my students (overwhelmingly from a fairly deprived area of London) experienced trips to rivers, the coast and countryside, and had the chance to ‘run free’ within the bounds of field trips and Duke of Edinburgh expeditions. Having my flexible working request denied and returning to work effectively demoted was the last nail in the coffin.

I have always loved being outdoors, particularly taking long meandering walks in the parks or the countryside. My son was a ‘Covid baby’ so when he came along, we had no choice but to do all our exploring and socialising outside. I worried about this at first, but there was definitely a moment when I realised that not being allowed to mix indoors didn’t have a negative effect on him, quite the opposite. It gave him opportunities to learn, explore, count, find colours, get messy, identify birds and plants, and build resilience in terms of still going out in the rain. He has a deep love of nature and recently told me that when he grows into a man, he’d like to be ‘an aphid scientist.’

Around the same time, I suffered with post-natal depression/anxiety, which led me to learn more about mental health and mindfulness and the benefits of nature for our mental health. I also realised how valuable it is for new mums to have a group of similar people to interact with as more than ‘just’ a mum. 

I looked at a few different children’s franchises, but I was still very much on the fence about whether that was what I wanted to do. I looked at the classes in my area and looked for franchises that would fill a ‘gap in the market’ so to speak. I found several that sounded really interesting, but if I was honest with myself, they didn’t really fit my skill set or passion. Then I stumbled upon Nature Makers here on the Children’s Franchise Enterprise website.

I attended an online discovery session with Faye and really loved the idea and ethos of Nature Makers. I was still full of doubt that I could actually make it work, so Faye suggested I had a chat with an existing franchisee, who had also transitioned from teaching a year earlier. I think I asked her about a million questions, but she was so friendly, down to earth and welcoming. She was obviously really passionate about her job, but at the same time she didn’t try to ‘hard sell’ me. I could tell that all the franchisees embodied the values of Nature Makers and wanted to make sure I made the right decision for both them and myself.

Nature Makers fits my values – inclusive, educational, environmentally friendly – and I love being outdoors in nature and getting crafty. I organised a meeting with Faye, who was completely lovely and I definitely felt like we clicked. I also went to one of her classes at Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens (roughly 100 miles away!) with my son. I remember saying to my husband “I really hope this is as good as I think it will be because if not I’ll be devastated!” Thankfully, it was awesome and I left really inspired and excited for the future.

I was fortunate enough to have inherited some money, which allowed me to buy the franchise.

Faye has a tried and tested pricing structure, which I used to guide me, and for me it really worked. Public classes are more popular in the summer and during school holidays, but I have found nurseries and schools are really keen to have professional input to design a winter-proof outdoor learning programme.

Maths was never my forte at school and I was really worried about the finance side of things, but as long as you are practical and organised, it’s far less scary and difficult than it looks.

It does take a while to set everything up, and in the first few months, you will probably need to invest most of your profits into marketing, advertising and buying materials. However, after 3 months I was consistently making a profit and I’m now in a position to pay myself a decent wage each month. 

I run Nature Makers classes 3 days a week, with the odd weekend class for an hour or two. Compared to me teaching 3 days a week, we are actually better off financially. Yes, the money I earn is a little less but because I can work school hours to suit my family life, our childcare bill is drastically reduced, so my ‘take home pay’ is more. I also think this will improve as the business grows. 

My main questions were: How do I register with the relevant agencies? What about insurance? What if I hate it and want to leave? What if I have another baby? Luckily, all these questions are answered in the training and also in the Operating Manual, which I can refer back to at any time. I personally found the contract quite straightforward, but it’s definitely a good idea to ask as many questions as you need to. Faye has a business degree and a wealth of experience, so she is really valuable to talk to about insurance, training, employing people etc. once you are up and running.

Taking on a Nature Makers Franchise is honestly the best decision I’ve ever made. I love how I am my own boss and can focus on the things that are important to me. However, I would never have been brave enough to set up on my own, and being part of a Franchise gives me a community to learn within.

The training was really helpful and covered all the basics, but the best thing is the regular team meetings and check-ins with Faye. The team meetings make us feel like colleagues even though we are widely spread, and the one to ones with Faye are excellent for focusing my mind on the next steps unique to my area.

Franchisor Interview

Photograph of Faye, the franchisor behind the Nature Makers brand who offer outdoor franchise opportunities



Meet Kaye the Franchisor of Nature Makers and find out how she started the company when looking for art classes for her young son that didn’t rely on chemicals and plastics. Seeing a gap in the market for a natural and environmentally friendly art club, Nature Makers was born.

I started the company back in 2019 when I was searching for an art class for my 18 month old son. I wanted a class that developed real art and early years skills but that wasn’t reliant on chemical and plastics. I also saw how much enjoyment my son gained from being in nature and decided to combine our loves of nature and art and crafts to create a class like nothing else out there – Nature Makers! The focus was on education about nature and so I also felt that I had to ensure that the products used within classes were as eco friendly as possible and inclusive to the Vegan community.

We have grown out from the Midlands to now be nation wide with 14 Franchisees and growing!

I want to work with people that share our values and have a passion for what we do. Therefore, they must love nature, art and craft and be passionate about saving our environment. Franchisees don’t need to have formal teaching qualifications or an artistic background, just a passion and willingness to learn as we provide all the training and support to help them flourish.

Initial investment starts from £6499 and you have the option to upgrade to our Mindful Makers package that enables you to deliver adult workshops too which command a real premium.

Within this fee you receive a start up kit worth £1k, all your training and support from a dedicated Business Mentor and Franchisee Success Assurance Coach whilst you complete your 12 month Mentorship Programme.

Earning potential depends on hours that you want to work and your service mix.

We have successfully helped people apply for loans including the Government Backed Start Up Loan.

Very flexible! Every one of my team is doing something slightly different because they are wanting to work around their family commitments and what they enjoy. Some are prioritising preschool classes, others it is work in schools, others holiday events and others adult events. The franchise can change and grow as you and your family do and you are able to employ people to help grow your business.

We recently launched our new Franchisee Success Framework which is designed to both support and empower franchisees to reach their full potential. With it we link training, inclusive communication, support, reward and recognition and sharing of best practice to help everyone.

As soon as you join you can gain access to our files, folders and start your online training through our dedicated Training Hub. From there we have an in person training day where you get to know others starting at the same time and also receive your starter kit.

We regularly have informal Coffee Catch Ups and conversations within our private Facebook Group, more formal Group Launch Support Calls, 121 Support Calls and Team Training online. A highlight for me is our annual Inspiration & Wellness Retreat held for all Franchisees and is an opportunity for everyone to get together, develop friendships, share best practice and learn from each other, in addition to just being a really fun and relaxing weekend!

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