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Meet the people behind the brand of this successful sleep training franchise. From corporate careers to helping everyone get a better night’s sleep – the team at Little Dreams Consulting are making their mark in the world of franchising in a big way.Β If you’re a passionate and driven person then you could be their ideal next franchisee.

Franchisee Case Study

Photograph of Jemma who joined sleep consultant training brand Little Dreams Consulting


Territory: BATH & SWINDON

Start Date: JANUARY 2022

Gemma’s first experience of Little Dreams Consulting was as a parent seeking their services to help with her own child. She was so impressed with the results and could see the potential for a family-friendly and flexible career for herself by joining the team. A far cry from her previous role as a financial crime consultant!

I had sleep issues with my own child and sought the services of Little Dreams Consulting and the results were so amazing that when I saw the opportunity to own my own Little Dreams Consulting business, I jumped at the chance to be a candidate. I had previously worked in investment banking and then as a financial crime consultant, until I took a career break to have my child. I did not enjoy my work and having a child put my career into perspective. I needed to have a little more control over my life and I wanted the time to spend with my child. I had volunteered in caring roles before whilst working and wellbeing is something I am passionate about. Since having a baby, I have come to understand what impact poor sleep has on parents and so I want to help as much as possible to aid mental health and growth of everyone.

I had a in-depth chat about my current circumstance and I asked all the questions I considered important to get answered at the time before making my decision. My own personal desire led me to making my final decision. I knew I would be great in this role as I believed in the service I would be providing.

I had no desire to be a part of a franchise, I just knew that I wanted to be a part of something I believed in and be supported in the process of building my business and in this case the opportunity fell in the form of a franchise.

Find a solicitor that has vast experience in franchising contracts otherwise it can be quite daunting to interpret anything legal.

If you are looking to start something potentially big but are lacking the confidence and experience to get your business off the ground quickly, I would advise being a part of a franchise that will share its experience and wisdom with you. Being supported on a one to one basis at every turn is paramount to building confidence and learning. Being in employment for a bigger firm I was treated as part of the β€˜herd’. I needed to be seen as an individual and respected for the goals I wanted to achieve in career and parenthood. Being a mummy will always come first and I will always be around for every school assembly, sick day, sports day and after school activities, this would not be achievable working for a big organisation as there are limits. I set my own limits in my own business and the sky is the limit.

Franchisor Interview

Photograph of Jenna and Fay from Little Dreams Consulting offering sleep consultant training here in the UK



Little Dreams Consulting was first launched in 2016 and has since gone from strength to strength – with Jenna and Fay being named New Woman Franchisor of the Year 2023 at the prestigious EWiF Awards. If a professional career, that you can be proud of, is something you are looking for then they would love to chat with you! Here Jenna answers some key questions about the business.

After having two children, I realised I wasn’t in love with being a solicitor anymore. For 12 years I had been qualified, specialising in childcare law, and a member of the children panel but I fell out of love with it. It was a huge change but I trained as a sleep consultant while pregnant with my daughter (my third child) in 2016, and launched Little Dreams soon after. I felt there was a huge need for sleep but a lack of evidenced based information, which is one of our passions. Fay joined the team in January 2018 and our team doubled since then, due to the increasing need for sleep!

We launched our franchise in December 2021 and, currently, we have four franchisees. Plus we have Bristol as a territory and we have lots of exciting announcements to make in the coming months. We cover most of the south west, Chelmsford, Colchester and Birmingham too!

Seeing our franchisees, and the business, thrive and becoming an award winning – in 2023 we won, among others, the EWIF New Franchisor of the Year Award, BFA accredited franchise, with happy franchisees, is an incredible feeling. But the proudest achievements have to be the life changing work we do with families! Often parents are at breaking point when they contact us and are seeking help for mental health issues or are feeling they can’t go on. Allowing families to start thriving, rather than barely surviving, is the reason we do what we do and the feedback we get really does make this the best job in the world!

We are looking for franchisees who are incredibly empathetic and have impeccable communication skills and attention to detail. They will need to be driven, resilient and highly motivated but also looking to work as part of a fabulous team. They don’t need to have any previous knowledge or experience in sleep as we will teach them everything they need to know.

Our franchise is incredibly competitively priced and we have options available from just Β£8,000 all in, with an 11% MSF.

This provides you with everything you could need to start your business and become a sleep consultant, all the training, mentoring and expert advice to allow you to succeed and thrive!

The main benefit of our franchise, other than being able to do the best job in the world, is that the hours are totally flexible! You can work around your family or caring commitments as you will manage your own diary and decide when you have availability for consults. We are looking for people to work on a mostly full time basis, although part time franchises are available, but you can work evenings and/or weekends (or not) the choice is totally down to the individual franchisee.

We provide all the training, support and mentoring that franchisees will need. Initially there is a 3 Β½ day training to cover everything you need to know about sleep and how to run a successful business. There is also experts training from external experts on GDPR, social media, SEO, a lactation consultant and even Professor Michael Gradisar, all included in the training package fee.

We then provide an intensive mentoring and support package, especially in the first year, with daily access to the founders (yes, really) 1-1s, roundtables and weekly extra training together with access to our bespoke systems and your own website which you can update with your own blogs and testimonials. Everything you will need to succeed and thrive is included.

We hold a yearly conference with industry updates, expert speakers and lots of opportunities to catch up with fellow franchisees, which we are told all franchisees love!

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