Explore our treasure trove of children’s franchise opportunities!

Treasure trove

A children’s franchise is a popular and profitable business opportunity for people who love working with children.

Childrens Franchise Business Opportunities Blog

Not only do they provide family-friendly, flexible careers with great earning potential.

But the children’s franchise sector is such a very special place to be.

Not least because you’ll find yourself surrounded by so many like-minded people, from a range of different backgrounds, who all have one thing in common – a passion for early years development, in all its many shapes and forms.

It’s a very collaborative space, where everyone pulls together with a common goal of making a difference in children’s lives and helping to shape their future in some way.

Why not use your career background, develop one of your passions, or try something completely different?

Something for everyone

When we say there’s something for everyone, we’re not kidding!

We have 16 different categories filled with fun and rewarding children’s franchise business opportunities ready for you to explore.

You can either teach classes yourself or build a team around you.

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Creative franchises

If you’re a creative person then why not turn your passion into your career? Artdrama and music franchises are a fantastic way to share your love for the arts and spark young imaginations. 

Community franchises

Make a positive impact in your local community with a wellbeing, communication or outdoor franchise. From first aid to forest schools, sign language to sleep training, these are businesses that will make both you and others feel genuinely good. 

Active franchises

If you’re passionate about getting children active, a sports, yoga or dance franchise could be your ideal next step. These dynamic fitness franchises include wide-ranging opportunities, from cycling clubs for toddlers to circus camps for teens – and everything in between!

Developmental play franchises

There’s so much fun to be had whilst learning new skills at developmental play sessions, so it comes as no surprise that sensory and role play franchises have huge appeal.

Whether it’s dressing up as a fire fighter, meeting puppets, or exploring different lights, sounds and textures, helping young children to thrive has to be the best job in the world!

Party franchises

Are you a born organiser and love bringing people together? If so, think about putting your planning or presentational skills to good use with a party franchise that’s fun to run and creates endless joy.

Cookery franchises

If you’ve a passion for baking, then you could cook up a storm with your very own cookery franchise. Teaching children important life skills is a rewarding career and you’ll get to enjoy some yummy treats along the way! 

Childrens Franchise Business Opportunities UK Blog Image 1Educational franchises

Education franchises include phonics, reading, nursery school, and tuition sessions for all ages. Or if you’ve an interest in science, technology, engineering, or maths, perhaps a STEM franchise would be more up your street?

Either way, you’ll be inspiring the next generation. How amazing would that be?

Language franchises

A MFL franchise could be your ideal next career adventure if you’ve ability in a modern language – such as French, German, or Spanish – along with a love of other cultures.

Just think – you can spread the joy of languages to little ones in your local area while building a brilliant business for yourself at the same time!

Tapping into an established brand

When you invest in a children’s franchise, you’re not starting from scratch, having to figure everything out yourself.

Instead, you’re tapping into an established brand with a proven track record and franchisor who’ll be cheering you on every step of the way.

Which means you’ve a significantly higher likelihood of success compared to an independent business owner doing the same thing.

A business in a (huge) box

Picture this: you’re opening a box filled with everything you need to start your own business. That’s a very simple way to visualise what it’s like to buy a children’s franchise.

But this box is huge!

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Because when you buy a franchise, you’re not just getting a name and a logo – you’re getting a whole business model that’s been proven to work.

Which means your box has all the tools, templates, systems, training, and support you need to be successful.

You’ll get kit, props, branded clothing, and marketing materials.

You’ll benefit from national marketing initiatives and social media exposure.

And you’ll have the backing of a franchisor – and often a head office team – who’ll be your biggest cheerleader. Because if you’re not successful, they’re not successful.

What will catch your eye?

We’ve a treasure trove of children’s franchises to explore, each with the potential to make a difference in the lives of little ones.

Take a peek – there’s bound to be at least one that catches your eye!


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