Do you speak Spanish? Find out how you could run your own business with a Spanish language franchise.

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Did you know that over 400 million people speak Spanish, it’s the official language in 21 countries, and the second most spoken language in the world?

What’s more, demand for learning Spanish is increasing.

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According to a survey by the British Council, more than a quarter (26%) of UK adults regret never learning another language fluently, one in four want to speak Spanish, and it’s now the most popular A-level language in England. 

If you’ve a love of Spanish that you’re keen to share with others, a Spanish language franchise is a great way to start your own business.

Not fluent?

While you might think that you need to be fluent in Spanish if you’re going to be teaching it to others, that’s not always the case.

Many language franchises in the children’s sector aren’t necessarily looking for fluency: what they are looking for is people who are proficient enough to communicate well, even if they’re not native speakers or don’t have a languages degree.

Spanish language franchisors tell us they’re also keen to find people who are enthusiastic about the culture, have a natural rapport with children, and are keen to share their passion about all things Spanish with young children and their families.Spanish MFL Franchises Blog Image

And all the other skills you need to run a successful, profitable business?

They’re all included in your initial franchise training as part of your franchise package.

A rewarding franchise opportunity

Teaching Spanish to children is a rewarding franchise opportunity: as well as giving them the gift of another language, the structure of lots of children’s Spanish language franchises means that you’ll also be developing their cognitive abilities and boosting their social skills, as well as broadening their cultural horizons.

Things like improved confidence and listening skills will impact on other areas of their life as they grow up. You really will be helping to give them a head start in life!

Build your own flexible language franchise

Owning your own Spanish language franchise means you have a truly flexible business that you can build around your own personal circumstances.

You’ll be able to run it around your family or other work commitments. Childrens MFL Spanish Franchise blog image 1

And you’ll usually have several income streams that you can choose to incorporate into your franchise to really tailor it to your lifestyle, such as:

  • Face-to-face parent & child classes
  • Online parent & child classes
  • Classes for nurseries, pre-schools, and primary schools
  • Parties
  • The sale of merchandise, such as t-shirts and music

Some franchises also teach older children and teens, and in some cases, adults.

Generally, you’ll be able to choose whether to do all the teaching yourself or employ other Spanish language teachers to help you run your classes.

So you see you really will be able to shape your Spanish language franchise to suit you and your lifestyle!

Why choose franchising?

Choosing to buy a franchise franchise has lots of benefits over starting your own independent business.

Childrens MFL Spanish Franchise blog image 3From buying into an established brand, to all the training you need to build a successful business; and from a proven marketing strategy, to a ready-made support network of other like-minded people, when you become a franchisee you’re at an immediate advantage to people who decide to go it alone.

You’ll also find that lots of children’s franchises can help with the financial side of things too – whether that’s help in securing funding, or flexible payment terms.

The right Spanish language franchise for you

Take a look at the different language franchise opportunities on our website to find out more about what’s involved with each one.

You could be up and running with your own Spanish franchise sooner than you think!

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